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HI, I'm so glad you are here!

Welcome to my MK Membership community! Let me tell you why I'm moving my art to this platform. I'll give you some spoiler key phrases below: 

  1. Intimate Connections With Fans.
  2. Direct Feedback / Cater To Listeners
  3. Focus On CREATING.
  4. Up Yours To Misogynist & Money Hungry Music Industry :)
I'll elaborate...

Over the past year I've changed the way I create and share music by putting it all into the hands of the listeners. 

In 2019 I toured the country playing FREE house concerts and asking folks to give what they could/felt it was worth. I played shows with the most honest and personal songs and storytelling I'd ever shared, and the crowd's own humanity was reflected back to tears, laughs, hugs, and stories of their own. The connection was pure. I've never experienced anything more beautiful. 

This method revolutionized the accessibility of my music, as well as the way I connect with my audience. It brought a quality of pure magic to performances and it forged true relationships. Not to mention, stable income for me to continue delivering these songs and performances.

This got me thinking. What if there was another way to "make it" in the industry?  

I've been going to Nashville since I was 13 years old, I've lived there on and off since age 21 and now at 24, I'd like to share some of the advice I've been given by industry professionals and other noted songwriters:

  • Make your audience see you as a "star", someone larger than life
  • In a co-write: "That word/phrase is great but it's too smart...we have to dumb it down for the audience"
  • Write with other artists, whether you like them or not, so you will get cuts on their album
  • From a Publisher to Me: "Make sure your music is different and honest and YOU"....After me playing my songs: "Your music is a little too personal" (lol)
  • From the Same Publisher: "You're solo written songs are so great but imagine how much better they would be if you wrote them with more people" (This is not how creativity works)
  • In a co-write with 3 guys: "That line/melody is too girly" (because a girl suggested it...every time!!!
  • "Your music is too deep"

Do you see Honesty, Creativity, or Connection (the pillars that good music is built on) in these comments anywhere? 

I'm one of many artists who see this maddening contradiction daily between the music business' feedback, and how the many fans feel about their music.


When it comes to the music industry,

The most connected or smooth talking is the winner. It doesn't matter if you are good or not. It especially doesn't matter what your intentions are.

Which leads to my next point - 

The songs you are being fed on radio and playlists are being curated by huge companies with the intention to make money, not to make sure you hear incredible music or to connect you to smaller artists you'd love.

This makes me sick. 
Because I know what heartfelt and true music does. 

It heals, It connects, It inspires creativity and honesty, It creates space for joy or grieving, It makes you feel like you're not alone,


And if you are here, I know you love sincere artists and music. I want to give myself, my fellow artists and you, our voice back. 

This membership is a small step towards that dream. The dream where creators express themselves authentically and make what they want. Where the focus is on CREATING as often and as truly as possible. Where true relationships are formed between fans and artist. Where Honesty is king. Where different is F*%KING COOL

I don't want to be a star,

I want to be a creator, a leader, a friend, a shoulder to cry on..

And I know I am not the only artist that wishes for this reality. So let's create it right here. It's about you and me. Our connection. It's about the future of ART, ARTISTS, and ART LOVERS. Nothing else.

Check out the tiers above to see the specifics, but here's a few of the amazing benefits you can expect by being here:

  • Unreleased songs of mine to download and listen to
  • Monthly Hang/Live Online Concert
  • A Community of Incredible People
  • My Poems and Creations, sometimes digital, sometimes in the mail)
  • Love Letters (Sometimes digital, sometimes physical)
  • Blogs, Vlogs, Thought Explosions from Yours Truly
  • Creative Process Sneak Peeks & Exclusive Content
  • Friendship and Sincere Connection
  • To be a part of a revolution for authentic and honest artists

Basically, we get to be collaborators...I share my art and my heart with you, and you share feedback or just simply your presence here. No pressure, no limits. 

I want to do life with you. I want to create with you. I want to start a revolution with you.
So let's get started.

Thank you so very much. Thank you for allowing me to create art that's true to me. I love you!

Love always,
Megan Katarina