Art Saves (Music, Poetry, Books, etc. that I recommend)

The more I lean into art the more at peace I am. I don't know if that's how it is for everyone, but whenever I'm in a hard season of life, I've always found the most comfort and inspiration in either creating or diving into other artist's works. So I wanted to share with you some of the art that has saved me, changed me, adjusted my perspective, etc. in times of strife and joy!

Erin Hansen Poetry

She is sort of an obscure poet about my age. Her stuff caught my eye because we write in the same style. Some of her little books got me through my worst times with depression.

Mary Oliver

In my opinion, no poetry can compare to hers. I've always loved rhyming poetry - Robert Service, Shel Silverstein...but this is what finally opened my eyes to the craft and magic of the many other forms of poetry. Some of her poems, I use as prayers and meditations. They are soulful and eye opening.

"Weight of these Wings" Album - Miranda Lambert

I remember the day this album came out, it felt like she was speaking to me. Miranda Lambert is known for her "tough girl" type of country music, but this double album she wrote after her divorce is all about lyric, feeling, and letting the art lead where she needed to go to heal. The songs “I’ve Got Wheels”, To Learn Her” and “Tin Man”all speak to my soul.

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

Most people already know about this book and its magic! I reread everytime I’m in a creative rut. Elizabeth Gilbert as an eloquent way of speaking and writing that inspires and the stories she tells have forever changed the way I have view the creative muse.

Here Is Magic - Nate Staniforth

This guy is a magician that also travels around and speaks. The way he views magic is an art in itself and very different than what you normally think of when you think of a magician. He is an artist. I read this book when I was on tour in 2019 and it comforted me so much. He talks so much about the struggles of being an artist and the “why” behind it. He is a beautiful story teller. This memoir is a healing and uplifting experience.

Art by Lori

The first piece of art I purchased was by this artist. She is a beautiful painter and her work speaks beauty into the mundane. For weeks I would lay in my bed and just stare at this painting after buying it. Mesmerizing :)

Freedive & Nature Photography

Here's a photo by one of my amazing photographer friends, Mike Winkles. As you know, I have really taken an interest into underwater modeling and the craft of photography in general. I used to think it wasn't an art form because anyone could do it...pretty dense of me! Being around such amazing photographers has made me see that the entire world is art...the sun beams shooting through clouds, the tiny details of a rain droplet, the micro movements of the human body. It's so mind opening.

John Prine's Music and Words

John Prine...where to start? My most beloved inspiration in songwriting. His craft and words are authentic....actually, you know what? before I say anything more....Just go listen. I can't explain the genius of his writing. Ones that have always stuck with me are "All The Best" and " In Spite of Ourselves."

Thank you for reading my post on artists that have inspired and changed my life and way of thinking...I hope I can do the same for you. Thank you for supporting my music. I hope to spread this support all around to other incredible artists forever. LOVE YOU!

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