"Colors" - New Poem

Hello my dear friends :) I have been very drawn to watercolors lately, so I spend a little bit of time in the mornings painting and journaling alongside. I'm not very good but I love the expression of creating with my hands. This painting I made inspired a new poem. I will share it with you below :) COLORS I was the colors to your grayscale world I gave you an oyster, you took out the pearl You sketched up a design that you couldn't shade I added striking hues of magnificent paint I made you notice the wind on your face I asked you to dance in every empty space When you spun me around did you forget to care.. About if you were good? About who else was there? And now that I'm gone, taking with me my Bright Will you smile in your world of only black and white? (c) Megan Katarina May 2021 :) What do you think? Love you so much. Love always, Megan

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