Surgery...Can't Sleep

Hello you beautiful humans…sorry I have been MIA.. I am getting a sinus surgery tomorrow. Long story short, I’ve had terrible sinus issues all my life and this surgery should fix some of these problems and help my singing and diving. But I’m scared. I don’t think I have slept a lick tonight. I can’t drink water and I’m SO THIRSTY. Feeling nauseous and so anxious. The only good thing about tonight is my puppies amazing cuddles.

So I’ve been trying to work as much as possible and dive as much as possible while I can because I will be benched from the mic for 3 weeks and benched from the water for 2 months. That’s why I’ve not been on here as much. But in my late night pre surgery anxiety blues I’ve written some new songs that I’ll be posting and should have plenty of time to catch up. You might even get some amazing doped up thoughts on here (from the post surgery meds of course).

I’m scared, say a prayer for me please! Love you and miss you and thinking of you forever.

Love always


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