"Being Crazy Ain't For The Weak" was produced by Jared Anderson and recorded live at OmniSound Studios. The album debuted at #14 on iTunes.




 “Being Crazy Ain’t For The Weak” one of the most raw and authentic projects I have ever experienced. With her vulnerability at the forefront, we get to know Megan as she brings us deep into her story, and for her fans or new listeners like myself, there is an instant connection and appreciation."


-Kristen Whyte, Got Country Online




10 Songs. 2 Parts. 1 Story.



On the weekend of January 20th, I recorded my first full band full album ever as an adult.

It is the album of my dreams.


The album is 10 songs. 


It is called “Being Crazy Ain’t For The Weak” ​


 It’s divided into two parts: "Anchor (Part 1)" and "Wings (Part 2)".​


"Anchor" is more traditional and country. It’s darker. 


"Wings" is much brighter and has a lot of pop aspects in it. 


This album tells the story of me in the last 2-3 years.


The girl who was tethered and couldn’t let go of holding on to things. The one who was afraid and insecure and miserable and addicted to love because it distracted her from her own issues. 


THEN the girl who learned from her mistakes, who looked back and thanked GOD for her experiences because they made her who she is. The girl who is comfortable in her own skin and knows what’s right for her.


Anchor is the midst of the pain and the learning and Wings is the redemption and the transformation. Both are equally important. 


Every single song on this album is based on a true story. Most of them have really funny stories behind them. I wrote 8 out of the 10 by myself and two of them I co-wrote with my really good friends Jared Anderson ("8 Months Sober" & "Doin' What's Easy") & Ryan Robinette ("Doin' What's Easy").


The title track is “Being Crazy Ain’t For The Weak” because 0f the relationships and struggles I had and went through while I was trying to get an upside on my battle with anxiety/depression inspired most of this music and who I am now. I want to show everyone what you can become in the midst of pain and heartache. God works all things for good. And trust me, I am more than good now!


We recorded this full band in at OmniSound studios. 5 out of the 10 tracks were live vocal takes during studio recording and a couple tracks were recorded with the band all in one room. View album creds here.


It was really fun. Really organic. Really REAL. Really country. Really me. 




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© 2018 Megan Katarina//Nashville,TN