Megan Katarina is a singer-songwriter originally from central Florida, now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Since age 6, Megan has been writing poetry and songs, daring to tell the truth through her music in a vulnerable and distinctive voice.  Since the age of 13, Megan has been touring & playing all over Florida and the U.S. Her band quickly gained a loyal following in central Florida, in addition to her nationwide social media following on Instagram and Facebook. In summer of 2017, she moved to Nashville. In April of 2018, she released her first full-length album, "Being Crazy Ain't For The Weak", produced by Jared Anderson and recorded live at OmniSound Studios. The album went #14 on iTunes and was received and loved on a global scale. In February of 2020, just after returning home from a long year of multiple house concert tours across the U.S., she released her new album, "To Be Honest", an acoustic album in tribute to the intimate storytelling setting of her house concerts, in which a beautiful connection between artist and listener is forged. Megan's songwriting shines in the honest way she portrays the ironic, heartbreaking, funny, and less attractive sides of life through her quirky humor and sincere voice, inspiring resilience with her words. Her relatability is what makes her relationship with her fans so strong, as if they are more like long lost friends.Megan not only writes for herself but many other rising artists. Charting with multiple artists on iTunes like Tana Matz, Ryan Robinette, and Tyler Rich. Her own song "He's Seen Me Naked" placed third out of 2,500+ submissions in the 2017 NSAI songwriting competition. Respected for doing things her own way, Megan continues to rise and gain recognition through a loyal social media following and live shows alike. 



Hi it's Megan :)

I know that what makes my relationship with my fans unique is that we are vulnerable & personal with each other. I created this personal "About Me" story on my Instagram. Thought it would be great to include here for you. Press play & take a few minutes to see my bio through my own storytelling, if you want!

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To listen to never before heard demos of new songs, get into monthly online concerts, hear my strange and maybe even inspiring ramblings, poems, and be a part of a community that supports the revolution for independent artists...come join me on Patreon!




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Telling a story and staying loyal to the craft before any commercial demands has always been my mission.

Choosing truth over trends has always been my mission.

And creating long lasting, meaningful friendships with my fans through making relatable art, has always been my mission.

Patreon is how I achieve that becoming a Patron for my art you are funding a revolution of artistic independence, getting exclusive music (among many other things), and being a part of a community that values artistic expression, inspiration, and uplifting other humans and artists.

Support the making of my art (and many others by extension) on Patreon.


House Concerts...Live In Your Home

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Bring the magic of Nashville live music to your home. Megan travels all over the country to perform for her fans in their homes or backyards. Imagine how delighted and impressed your friends, coworkers, and family will be with they can attend a private concert with all of the excitement of Nashville in your home! Megan will play for over an hour - all original music, along with the stories of how the songs came to life. Your guests will enjoy funny songs, heartfelt ballads, maybe even a special cover song that you love. A House Concert with Megan Katarina is an event like no other - your friends will be talking about it for a long time!

...and, it's FREE!

Requirements for hosting a House Concert for Megan Katarina:

1.) You MUST guarantee at least 20 adults.

2.) Everyone has to have a seat.

3.) This is a "listening room" setting, cell phones should be silenced. 

4.) This event is FREE for the host, we ask for a donation from the audience at the end of our performance. 

5.) There must be room inside your home and outside, in the chance there is bad weather.

6.) You must either have a place for Megan to stay, or put her up in a hotel room for the evening. 

Can you gaurantee at least 25 adults?
Do you understand that Megan will be playing all original music?
Will Megan stay with you or in a hotel?
Will your concert be indoors or outdoors?

Thanks for submitting!

Booking Info

Megan has been playing venues all over Florida, Tennessee, and the rest of the country for over 10 years. In addition to her impressive social media following of 55k+ followers on Instagram, she boasts a large & loyal live show following in her home state of Florida. You can expect a great show AND crowd. 


If you are a venue interested in booking Megan for entertainment, please click the button below. It will take you to our electronic press kit where you can find video, recordings, references, & rates. Or contact us at the email below directly. We can't wait to work with you soon!


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