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Hey there.


I have been making music, poetry, albums and corny jokes, professionally for 13 years. We tried our best to put all the lyrics, melodies, and rhymes into a digestible format for you to explore.  If you’ve never encountered my work, you might consider checking out this primer of my major works here.

Otherwise, please enjoy this multi-layered section of the site..full of albums, album credits, unreleased demos of new songs, poems I wrote in my journal on the bedroom floor, and videos recorded all over the U.S. Please bear in mind that most of my recent work is patron-funded, with no corporations, labels, or publishers involved.

To my patrons: thank you, always. To support my work, go here.


Did you know I have 4 studio albums and one EP? I've been recording music since I was 13, so if you were to listen in order you would hear the progression of my voice developing. BUT, I most highly recommend my last two albums, "To Be Honest" & "Being Crazy Ain't For The Weak". Click the album titles below to explore & listen.

Patron Funded Work

If you wish to enjoy my most recent and, in my opinion, my best works, you should join my patron membership. In this special area of the site I post mixtapes, unreleased demo's, videos, deep thoughts, poetry, and pretty much anything that sets my soul on fire at the moment. There's also an option for physical letters & mixtapes in the mail to you.


I believe crowdfunding is the future of independent artists and a win-win altogether. Because, you get access to inspiring and thought provoking music and works and a community while also supporting the paving of a new path for artists like me who have been shunned by traditional industry giants.



Poetry is actually my first love and the initial reason I got into songwriting. As a child, my father would recite Robert Service poems to me. In school, I got bit by the Shel Silverstein bug and never looked back.


To view some of my poetry, you can head over to my posts, here. To find more poetry, join my membership and you will gain access to the entire catalogue. I'm also in the process of writing a poetry book set to release in 2022. If you wish to be notified when this is, you can sign up for my mailing list.

Lastly, occasionally I will do this thing where I make montage reels to my spoken word, you can view those on my instagram here.


Click below to check out all my videos on Youtube. I also have a huge variety of different kind of videos on my Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, which you can explore too.

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