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Support my artistry and help me pave the way

for independent artists to come...


The Streaming Culture Is Killing Independent Artists...

Why aren't there more independent artists and storytellers out there actually making a living? It’s because streaming and shows don’t cover the cost of production and frankly, living. That’s where my listeners come in. I believe artistry can be a unique and intimate relationship between listener and creator. I would appreciate any level of support you can provide. Here are a few options. Thank you so much!

Become a patron of my he(ART)!

With a monthly donation of $5 or more, you’ll have access to over 40 unreleased original song downloads, as well as a community forum, exclusive posts, videos, poems, and more.  You can also sign up for the $10 tier to get monthly letters to your mailbox with lyrics, poems, and personalized notes. Or, if you're feeling generous, the $20 tier gets you all that and a personal mixtape recorded by me every few months. Subscribe below!



You can make a one-time or recurring donation to Megan Katarina using PayPal, or Venmo. We really appreciate any amount of support. Thank you!


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More on My Mission...


I've been playing music since I was 12. It is my heart, soul, and lifeblood. It was so dissapointing when I moved to Nashville only to find I was too late. The city had changed, and was much more focused on "commercial" music and no longer interested in the unique lyrical storytelling artists that made me fall in love with music.


I was shunned from the corporate world because I refused to kiss a** or be anything other than myself. So, rather than giving up, I decided to make it MY way. With the help of YOU, my listener..not some out of touch guy in a suit. You can support my mission by subscribing to my membership.


*Please turn the sound on to check out the video.*

A FREE & Impactful Way To Support!

Every week or so I send out an update or an inspirational performance or message to keep you smiling. This is a HUGE (&free!) way to support independent artists. Please sign up below!

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