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The "Free" Culture Is Killing Independent Artists...

In this digital world, it's so hard to keep people's attention, let alone stress the importance of purchasing music. The streaming companies pay us less than a penny per stream, many venues treat us as disposable, and the accessibility of social media/streaming has led to an increase in discovery of but decrease in the value of artists. Many in younger generations are growing up never knowing what it's like to actually buy the album of an artist they love.


It's not the listeners to blame, rather, it's the large companies and corporations that have created the culture of "free" around music. While they make more, we make less.


As an artist, is hard enough to be an outcast and live life so differently from the rest of society, to follow a dream with no guarantee of return, and to invest all your time into your art not knowing if it will be worth it in the end. Yes, this is our choice and the risk we choose to take. But we don't get to factor in the cost of the risk like a regular business does in its prices. This is because we aren't in control of our own distribution. Serious artists deserve to be compensated fairly for their work and the risks they take to deliver it to the world.


How do we make this happen? It's a lot simpler than you think. By purchasing tickets to live shows, supporting artists in their crowdfunding ventures, and easiest of all, by BUYING music and merchandise!

As I grow my fanbase and impact as an artist, it's my goal to use my platform to advocate for the fair compensation of artists, as well as find alternative ways for artists to connect with fans and take control of their distribution. If you're interested in supporting my music beyond simply purchasing music (that is more than enough!), I've listed a few ways to do that below.

-Megan Katarina

Become a Patron & Get Exclusive Content

With a monthly donation of $5 or more, you’ll have access to tons of exclusive content including over 40 unreleased original song downloads, as well as a community forum, exclusive posts, videos, poems, and more.  You can also sign up for the $10 tier to get monthly actual physical letters to your mailbox with lyrics, poems, and personalized notes. Or, if you're feeling generous, the $20 tier gets you all that and a personal mixtape recorded by me every few months. Subscribe below!

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Sign Up For Updates!

An easy and free way to support is to sign up for updates. Every few weeks Megan sends out updates on shows & music. 

More Ways to Support

Host a House ConcerT

Share Megan's music with your community through a unique listening experience.

Come To a show

Support by attending a show in your state. View tour schedule here!

Buy Music/Merch

Buy an album, t-shirt, or a koozie to show your support!

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